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Logan parrots everything that we say. Everything. It has been a test of verbal determination to watch what we say around this little bird, no questions asked. Thankfully Mommy only curses on her blog…not in real life (I am not that cool off the internet), so that hasn’t been an issue yet. Logan says some insanely cute things, things that melt my heart into a puddle and recently he picked up a new catchphrase that I can see sweeping the nation if 50 Cent ever picks it up (cough, cough). Whenever it is cold out side mommy-the-wimp jumps up and down, makes high pitched shrieks, and says “chilly, chilly chilly!!”. My goofy dance became Lo’s favorite thing and he quickly came up with his own catchphrase: chilly cool. Everything is chilly cool. Open the door? Chilly cool. Put ice in a glass? Chilly cool. Get out of the tub? Chilly cool. (I have to post audio of him saying this, but it might kill all of you with cuteness.) So, today as I sit at work it is raining, super cold, and even colder at my computer—I start to get the chills and all of a sudden I let out CHILLY COOL in front of co-workers. That’s right, the pirate is mimicking the parrot…at her job. I am telling you what, it doesn’t matter if Logan is with me or at home, the kid always manages to make me laugh.

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Twenty Months

In two days we will have a twenty month old child. Here is a fascinating list of all the fun things our little big man does:

Potty trained (wipes his booty too!)

Washes himself in the tub

Dresses himself

Puts both shoes on (the correct feet) by himself

Can count to five

Knows his alphabet until F

Can point out colors (cant say them yet though)

Says dog, cat, kitty, juice, shoes, book, car, truck, guitar, bubble, guppy, fish, bird, hey, bye, and a hand-full of other crazy things

Trips, falls, and runs into something everyday—at least 5 times

Loves to climb

Gives the best cuddles in the world

Makes fish lips when kisses are given

Hugs tighter and tighter everyday

Loves snacks

Doesn’t use a highchair or a booster

Is almost three and a half feet tall

Still a shrimp at 24 lbs

Loves life

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Sorry for the lack of posting, but this week has been super tough for a lot of people. Yesterday we buried a son, husband, father, brother, and friend. Yesterday we buried a Marine killed in combat. We were surround by thousands of friends, 500 Freedom Riders, and hundreds of supporters outside; it was beautiful. Today all I can think about are his babies and how confusing and hard this time is. Please say a prayer or send a thought in the air to the family and friends of Ssgt Dudley today, because today is really really hard.

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